Designed for the world by Earth Spas

Energy Efficient by Design

Designed in the United Kingdom and incorporating the latest energy efficiency technology, Earth Spas are comfortable, durable, packed with all the latest features and built to withstand years of constant use.

We look after every individual customer’s needs

Created with feeling

Every curve, every contour and every angle is defined by our intimate understanding of what you, our customers, want to feel every time you sit in one of our brilliant hot tubs. It’s ergonomic design in its ultimate form.

Unparalleled quality and reliability

Every Earth Spas hot tub is assembled for each unique customer with meticulous precision. The best materials and components are sourced from world-leading suppliers, whose standards of excellence, both technologically and ethically are respected industry-wide.

Being energy smart benefits us all

Earth Spas are proud to be at the forefront of energy efficient hot tub design. All our Earth Spas come Eco Smart 73 ready giving you the option to save up to 73% in running costs and to significantly reduce the impact on our environment.

Nothing compares to the end product

The passion and commitment invested by experts at every stage of production gives Earth Spas an allure all of its own. Step in and be embraced. We guarantee you will feel special, excited, invigorated and soothed.

From concept to completion...

Watch the video and see the dedication and care that goes in to the making of each and every Earth Spa.

Hand built to last with the highest craftsmanship, Earth Spas have a stringent manufacturing process and expert quality control, so you can be sure your Earth Spa will continue to be running as good as new for many years to come.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Earth Spas are suitable for individuals of all ages. We have meticulously built our spas with various safety features including an intergrated spa step allowing a safe entrance and exit from the spa.

However, we do advise that children should be accompanied by an adult whilst using a hot tub, due to health and safety. Young children should also be well hydrated prior to using a Hot Tub.

You can enjoy the benefits of your Earth Spas hot tub whenever you’re in the mood to, at any time of the day. It can be invigorating in mid-winter when frost or snow lies all around, or during a hot summer spell when the water temperature is refreshingly cool.

You can plan a relaxing session after exercise or following a challenging day’s work. And for a unique experience, the tub’s lighting features are spectacular under the night sky.

Dead skin cells, perspiration, lotions, fragrances and deodorants can build up in your spa tub, upsetting the balance of the water and reducing the effectiveness of filters.

By keeping the water crystal clear you will enjoy your spa tub experience to the maximum, so you should always shower before you step into the water. It’s also a good idea to shower afterwards, just to remove any chemical residue from your skin.

The simple answer is no, you do not need planning permission for your Earth Spas hot tub. However, many customers like to build a structure for the hot tub to fit under, so depending on the scale of the construction it may be worth seeking advice, and maybe having a friendly word with the neighbours.

Running costs for a hot tub can vary according to water capacity, water temperature settings and air temperature, quality of insulation and other factors that affect energy usage. As a guide, it is widely accepted that a medium-size spa tub could cost between £500-£1000 to heat and power for a year.

Whilst our high grade premium insullation will reduce energy costs in comparison to the average spa of our competitor’s, an addition of an Eco Smart 73 upgrade can reduce this cost by up to 73%.

In addition, maintenance and water products should be considered when purchasing a hot tub. Talk to an Earth Spas dealer near you, they will be pleased to provide information and advice on ways you can minimise running costs.

Clean filters can improve the efficiency of water pumps and jets, reduce the amount of chemicals you need to use, and of course maintain the crystal clarity of the water.

First, we recommend cleaning filters weekly with a simple rinse of the pleats. In addition to this basic clean you can periodically use a spray-on filter cleaner so stubborn contaminants can be lifted by a soft brush. Finally, every few months soak the filter in a degreasing solution for a specified period as instructed. Rinse thoroughly to avoid foaming, and dry before replacement.

Earth Spas - inspired by the world’s great natural landmarks

From Mount Erebus in the Antarctic to Uluru in Australia, at Earth Spas we take our inspiration from the natural wonders and landmarks around the world. Whether you are relaxing in Ha Long Bay or unwinding in Kouri, let Earth Spas hydrotherapy jets sooth and ease away any stresses and strains.

Select the design and the features that will make Earth Spas your own. Compare them all here – 

We had our Erebus Earth Spa delivered and installed May 2020 and have used it virtually every day since, whatever the weather. It’s such a great way to unwind at the end of the day with the family.

The Hughes family