Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay rewrites the rules on hot tub design. It’s the largest and most powerful model in the Earth Spas range, and it’s fully loaded for a truly luxurious spa session.

Uluru ll

A design variation of the popular Uluru, Uluru ll simply packs more in. You get more jets, two pumps and a 3kW heater, and loads of fun.

Erebus ll

A development of the Erebus, Erebus ll offers additional features to make this hot tub a value-added addition.


Mariana takes your spa tub experience to a different world. With loads of space and seating that’s multi-levelled, there’s no compromise with comfort and style.


Be the ultimate host with Glencoe, a spacious hot tub that’s a real crowd pleaser. Enjoy your spa sessions with all the features and a big playground.


Uluru offers something for everybody, whether you’re fit and active or prefer a slower relaxing approach to life.


Kouri has an ultra-compact double lounge layout so you can sit opposite one another or get cosy sat side by side.


Erebus was the design focus for the entire range. It offers perfect proportions with a compact exterior, yet spacious and flexible seating options.